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Guided Meditation Journeys

These journeys are all about quietening the busyness around us and coming back to self.

Sometimes we just need a little guidance when things get a little tricky. I originally started guiding meditations during Soul Sister circles - quickly realising how magical they are when I allow myself to simply tune into what is coming through.


The feedback I received when I started sharing these has been so heartwarming..! These downloadables are instant and super easy to use. And of course, for you to keep forever.



"I absolutely love using Eli’s guided meditations in my morning routine.


I have often struggled to find a guided meditation that resonates with me but the minute I listened to Eli’s ‘Peace Within’ I knew I had found the right meditation for me.

I felt instantly calm and able to access the deepest parts of myself. Her soothing voice and deep intuition make her the perfect companion to guide you on your meditation journey and I always emerge with a renewed sense of self and deep inner knowing.

I sometimes literally can’t wait to get out of bed in the mornings so I can sit and let myself be guided by this beautiful soul and her incredibly intuitive and heartfelt meditations!"

Giulietta, London

Recorded Guided Meditation Journeys


An instant download so that you can do it whenever suits you.


These guided meditation journeys are here to help you find the stillness and peace within.

Perfect for beginners and regular meditators who like a little guidance sometimes.

Please note, there is a lot of guidance in them, as they were recorded with someone in mind who has a hard time going within by themselves. If you have been meditating for a while, they might be too ´busy´for you.

Everyones meditation journey is different, you do not have to consider yourself a 'pro' to be able to experience the calmness and stillness that is within every single one of us.


These guided journeys are here to help you reach that place within, the place that may feel forgotten yet so familiar when it is reached.

"If we are happy, everybody looks up and shares our happiness."

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