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A guided journey into bliss

This is a journey through a guided meditation, which will help you to (re-)connect with your higher self.

Your higher self might be seen as your truest self, your goddess self, whatever feels right to you in this moment.

(Re-)connecting with your higher self is truly a beautiful experience, one that will most likely be remembered for a long time, or forever. Seeing and experiencing this version of you is truly beautiful.

This meditation guides you step by step into a journey of bliss and gratitude.

It is a chance to ask your higher self a question, ask for guidance or simply see what comes through.

It is best to set intentions, however not to have certain expectations or ideas - the more open we are to this experience, the more magikal it will be.

I am so happy to share this download with you.
Simply get comfortable and enjoy the journey.

Re-connect with Your Higher Self Guided Meditation

  • The file is in a mp3 format which can be downloaded onto your devide right away.

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