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Are you creating an event, membership or a unique offer and want to make it stand out from the rest? Or maybe you would like guidance and help from someone who can help you reflect on deeper aspects so that you remember the fire within that got you started in the first place? 

If yes - the below offers might be exactly for you.
As we intuitively work on the energy, look and feel of what you are creating - you will be inviting Clients who are energetically aligned. Approaching design with the energy in mind helps your Clients connect to your unique offer in a much stronger way, as they will already be indulging in the experience from the moment they step into 'your space'. Whether it's your website, social media graphics or a promo video, it will all be created based on your unique energy.


1. creative oversight

This is the most hands on way you can work with me (and my absolute favourite).

As well as focusing on the design aspects, I also support and guide you creatively. I am here to reflect what's already within you, but sometimes we need a little encouragement or a little push.


My clients say it feels like their hand is held while we bring to life what they dreamt of creating. We focus on both the non-physical (guidance) and the physical (design and creation) aspects.

2. website audit

A service for those who want to create their own website but need assistance with the vision and implementation.

This audit is a review of your website—whether it’s at an early stage or completed, but you are not fully satisfied with it:
- Assessing what works and what doesn’t
- Understanding how to best introduce and manage your services.
- Examining all design aspects, including the colour scheme, branding, etc.

Included 1 x 60 minute video call.

3. promo video

Videos have a unique ability to portray our work and what we want to share in a visual and eye catching way. Promo videos are perfect for the short attention spam and if done right - it can portray our vision in a very powerful way.


This is perfect if you would like a welcome or preview video on your homepage or social media, giving a little insight into the energy of what you offer.

examples here

4. landing page

Are you creating a course or an offer that you would like to share with the world?

Having a landing page is not only about a space for all the information to live on.. if done right - it can portray the energy of what you are creating. Imagine someone arriving on your page and truly feeling the unique blueprint of the offer that it 
entails, making the people who align with your work feel right at home. This is the main focus!

5. website design

A website is your online home, its where you can invite people to share some of your wisdom with and invite them to come back for more.


Just like with the landing page, its making the people who are aligned with your work feel right at home, but in an even bigger way. Here, you can show them around, its a place where they can learn about your offerings as well as about you and your story, which is a very important aspect.


I mostly work on Wix as I think its the most user friendly platform, making it easy for you to go and make any amends needed to your offers, prices etc.

6. website banner

This is a great way add a unique blueprint to your offer - through which the energy of what you are creating can be portrayed and felt. 

This is great for those who do not feel able to get a landing page or go all the way with creating a website.

I encourage you to add the social media graphics design to this to start building a brand momentum.

7. custom workbook / pdf

Workbooks are becoming sort of a signature of the work that I do. I have worked in publishing for a number of years and its naturally something I absolutely love.


Having a personalised workbook or pdf for your course (and not only) adds a lot of value and I am always told how much people love to receive it!

The price depends on the design and number of pages, reach out to me and we will see what will work best.

examples here

8. book design

Are you writing your book and want someone to do it justice with the layout and design? I approach publishing in the same way as I approach all the other design aspects - before starting anything, we will tap into the energy of your work to make sure whoever picks it up can get a glimpse of the energy it entails.

From internal layout to cover design - we will make sure it all flows very nicely and naturally. Reach out to get a custom quote.

9. email graphics

Email graphics are great to grab someones attention from the get go.

Having a nice flow between your email, website and social media is great for brand recognition and connection. My job is to make sure it is energetically aligned and reflects your work on a higher level.

This can be for a one off email as well as a collection, which can be used for building a funnel.

10. social media graphics

Having a nice flow between your IG Story, grid AND your website, workbooks etc is extremely valuable and builds a momentum which is great for brand recognition.

If you don't have your own branding and would like to dive into it, visit my packages here.

Need something else? 

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