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Box Breathing (also known as the Parasympathetic Breathing)

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Let's talk about breath and how we can consciously do this sacred practice, which is so underrated and yet is so important. This is a practice I often come back to when working or in general during the day when I want to re-balance my energy.

Watching our breath and consciously following a certain pattern is extremely powerful. It is by far one of the the quickest ways I found to help me come back to stillness when my head gets cloudy from all the thoughts, that can leave me feeling anxious.

In many meditation practices, breath is seen as the anchor that always brings you back.

There are many levels of breathwork that can be done, all are very transformative. I would like to invite you to try the simple exercises below, when you can feel any anxiety, fear, sadness etc coming up.

It is also just as powerful when we are in a positive state.

(Please note that this is a simple exercise, any deeper breathwork should be done with a facilitator.)

Box Breath (also known as the Parasympathetic Breathing)

Is a simple yet very powerful breathing style.

Vagus nerve is one of the most fundamentally important elements in the restorative parasympathetic nervous. It influences the internal processes of the body (such as inflammation and blood pressure) and supports homeostasis and immunity. This technique helps to tone the vagur nerve activating self-healing powers of the body. 

Find a quiet space and acknowledge the natural rhythm of your breath.

Then begin breathing in the simple way explained below:

Inhale for the count of four.... Pause for the count of four.... Exhale for the count of four.... Pause for the count of four....

Repeat this for at least five minutes or so.

You should feel calmer and more steady after a few minutes.   

You can also visualise yourself being in nature, or a specific place that brings your mind to peace.

You can visualise yourself sitting by a waterfall, on a beach, on a mountain. Whatever feels good to you.

Enjoy my lovely.

And here's a little reminder that you can screenshot or save for future:


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