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creative oversight

The most hands on way you can work with me, it is also my absolute favourite way to work with Clients.

This is a full spectrum support when it comes to the design aspects, as well as guiding you creatively. My work here is to remind and help you reflect what's already within you, sometimes we need a little encouragement or a little push. This also includes my signature creative meditation/visualisation which is great at getting reconnected with the energy of your original idea, goal and/or vision.

My clients say it feels like their hand is held while we bring to life what they dreamt of creating. We focus on both the non-physical (guidance) and the physical (design and creation) aspects.

When working with me this way - we can ensure all of your design elements flow beautifully and my aim is for you to feel 100% supported on this journey.

Please note: Its important to me that this feels aligned for both sides, there is a short process of an application and a short zoom call to make sure it feels right for both.


I have a limited number of spaces for this way of working with me.

Price: email for details

(You can email or fill in the design application right away)

what clients say..

"The Visual plan is SO beautiful. I honestly cannot even thank you enough. It is exactly this... this is exactly what I have been calling in~ you are an angel."

whats included

  • Weekly calls - this is more of a creative alignment and guidance. My clients started calling it their weekly coaching calls

  • Creative meditation (to connect with your vision and/or become more clear)

  • Visual plans - as someone who is a visual person, I understand how much easier it is to look at a plan which is visually inspiring and easy to understand instead of a spreadsheet (which are also incorporated). This is something that I started incorporating and sharing with my clients.

  • Website design and/or upkeep

  • Design for social media- personalised templates for IG Story, posts etc.

  • Design of workbooks, pdfs graphics and/or any other design elements

  • Video editing/photography edits

  • Weekly organisation of the process and whatever is needed to accomplish your goal

  • Hands on support via email and whatsapp

  • Whatever is needed design wise, there are always things that come up as we work on your goal - when we work one-on-one, all of that work in included in the package.

Please note: this offer does not include branding

(You can email or fill in the design application right away)

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